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Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date Not Happening Anytime Soon

22 Octubre 2016

Microsoft just issued invitations to a big event to be held on October 26 in New York City, promising updates on the future of Windows 10. The event will start at 10am EDT (or 7:30pm IST) on October 26. The company has also cited a bit of details on what to expect for Windows 10.The event is in accordance with the company's delay of launch with the "Surface Series". The PC could be available in different sizes and it is likely that a 21-inch Full HD screen model with a display resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels is in the cards. We're hoping to see the Microsoft Surface Phone by the end of 2017 and it's definitely going to happen, and business owners want this to happen more than anyone else. The company also unveiled a new Surface Pro 4 and the Band 2. There's really no point in launching a Surface keyboard unless there's a device to connect it to, and the Surface Pro 4 and Book include their own keyboard and trackpad. Microsoft has instead invited reporters to an event where they will be looking at what is happening with Windows 10. Since the Redstone OS update of the Windows 10 is not expected until at least January, the update of the Windows 10 software is highly unexpected at the moment. Not much is known about the event itself, except that it will be held in NY on the said day. As we reported on Thursday, photos of a Surface-themed mouse and keyboard have already appeared in FCC filings. As of now, the public may have to wait until next year for the arrival of the Surface Phone. But an all-in-one Surface PC is still a possibility.

Windows will be the main focus of the event, as Microsoft will unveil the next chapter in the Windows 10 story. A confirmation of said event would pretty much confirm a Surface desktop, however.

Microsoft is rumored to release the first ever Surface Phone next year.

There have been rumors of a brand new Surface all in one since the past few days. These accessories could be a Bluetooth keyboard with chiclet keys and a brand-new Surface Mouse.

Microsoft Surface Phone Release Date Not Happening Anytime Soon