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Microsoft announces Windows update with 3D features

03 Noviembre 2016

In Manhattan on Tuesday Microsoft unveiled a new device called the Microsoft Surface Studio.

Microsoft has also created a new Surface Mouse which is available to purchase priced at $50.

Microsoft has also announced the latest and most powerful in its Surface Book line of high-end laptops, boasting three times the performance of the high-end the Macbook Pro and more than twice the graphics processing power of the original Surface Book.

Surface Studio starts at US$2,999 and is available for pre-order immediately in the USA through Microsoft Stores. You can share these creations using Microsoft's new Remix 3D community, which will host models shared from Paint 3D and Minecraft. It also introduces a new interface device called Dial that functions essentially as a large scroll wheel - as a standalone and on the touch screen with integrated functionality.

The Windows update, scheduled for release in the spring, will be free to current Windows 10 users and will include tools to invent and share 3-D objects, said Microsoft Windows chief Terry Myerson at an event in NY.

Which was also announced during the event, Microsoft is partnering with several PC manufacturers to bring VR headsets to consumers in a more affordable way. Microsoft has, however, packed by 30% more battery life, meaning it promises a massive 16 hours of battery life.

Microsoft endorsed tech companies HP, Dell, ASUS, Acer and Lenovo which have already begun producing accessories that allow 3D features.

Microsoft said the Surface Dial will work with any Windows 10 PC, but with Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, it will have exactly the same functionality. Microsoft is collaborating with Sketchup as well as Remix3D for providing 3D content for Paint 3D.

Microsoft made a series of announcements regarding upcoming hardware and software - some of which have significant gaming implications - at its Windows 10 and Surface event today.

Microsoft announces Windows update with 3D features