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Samsung announces recall program for washers

06 Noviembre 2016

The recall delivers a new blow to the electronics giant, which has scrapped production of its flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphones due to risks of overheating batteries that can catch fire.

Samsung has officially announced a recall for over 2.8 million top-loading washing machines in conjunction with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

"This can occur when a high-speed spin cycle is used for bedding, water-resistant or bulky items and presents an injury risk to consumers", it added.

The company is offering a free in-home fix to reinforce the washer's top, a rebate towards the purchase of a new washing machine of any brand or a full refund for anyone who bought the machine in the last 30 days.

Samsung's United States senior vice president, John Herrington, said: "Our priority is to reduce any safety risks in the home and to provide our customers with easy and simple choices in response to the recall". The washers affected are all top loaders and they all have either rear controls or mid controls.

The washers can become risky when washing bulky items, such as comforters, which can cause the machines to vibrate violently or even burst apart. Well, the rebate amount is exclusively tied to the manufacture date and model of the washer being recalled, which means older washers won't fetch as many replacement dollars.

Samsung is offering three options for consumers. This recall involves 34 models of Samsung top-load washing machines. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says there have been in nine injuries related to the washing machines. It was recently surrounded by the Note 7 debacle; making two recalls has cost the company billions of dollars.

Samsung Australia said the faulty top loader washing machines were not available in Australia.

A YouTube video uploaded by user Micah Martin in April 2015 claims to show the aftermath of a Samsung washing machine explosion. You will need both the model and serial numbers. The company will send a Home Label Kit via mail to all known washer owners.

It was forced to an axe its Galaxy Note 7 phone after reports that they were catching fire.