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Sister Wives new season premiere

01 Diciembre 2016

She even said that Kody is planning to drop one wife in season 8 of "Sisters Wives".

The premiere was not all about intense drama though as the episode started with several good news. Season 8 picked up from Maddie's engagement which actually happened past year.

It appears things may genuinely be on the rocks and pretty much over between Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his first wife, Meri.

As reported in Reality Tea, Mykelti takes her fairly new boyfriend, Tony Padron to meet her family over dinner.

"Yes, there is going to be alcohol at our wedding", Maddie says in a one-on-one interview with the camera. Right after the meal, Kody asked to have a talk with Tony, following Christine's news that the lad is serious about asking his daughter's hand in marriage.

Another interesting request that Tony refused to agree with is for them to wait to get married before they get involved in sexual activities.

Christine might have been disappointed with how the conversation turned out, but in the Las Vegas bridal shower of Mykelti, the third wife seemed to have loosened up a bit and looked happy for her daughter. The couple then had the chance to sit down and talk about their issues which included Mariah who's still upset with her mother.

"Well Meri, there's only one way to discuss this and that's with Nancy because you're already seeming antagonistic", Kody replied. Though Meri agrees, she also lashed out at Kody and so he had to leave the house. While Meri worries about Mariah, she also wants to deal with issues involving her relationship with Kody.

All these are meant to keep fans and viewers glued to "Sister Wives" Season 7 to see how the polygamous Brown family reacts to various situations and challenges while keeping everything intact.

There were a lot of issues that came out while the show was on hiatus. Kendra Pollard, who had been a close friend of Robyn, became a source of several rumors that hounded the whole Brown family for the past months. To be fair to the young man, Mykelti was just as arrogant about misunderstanding her father's point, and perhaps Kody should have been clear. His debt was also noted to be the reason why Meri had to start her own venture to help with the family's finances.

Sister Wives airs Sundays on TLC.

None of these have yet been confirmed, but the upcoming episodes of "Sister Wives" season 8 are expected to reveal the truth about these rumors.

Sister Wives new season premiere