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Dumped By Text Message, Here's What This Woman Did

31 Diciembre 2016

She booked an Airbnb.

The man's reaction has yet to be recorded, but Clanton said she was surprised at the "overwhelming" attention she received on social media. It seemed like the flawless Christmas gift for a couple who had become engaged in June.

Brenna Clanton bought tickets to a Cowboys game for her fiancé as a Christmas present before their unceremonious text message.

Oh, and this came just FOUR MONTHS after asking her for her hand in marriage.

"My fiancé dumped me in a text message".

"That threw me for a loop", Clanton told the Morning News on Tuesday. The last hashtag was a swipe at her former lover, whose reason for breaking up was that the couple "had nothing in common".

As fall wore on, Clanton found the Cowboys' return to greatness to be a welcome distraction.

This Dallas Cowboys fan got ultimate revenge by pointing out the fact that her ex-fiance would be at the game with her if he hadn't broken up with her via text message before Christmas.

"I was absolutely going to go", Clanton, a lifelong Cowboys fan, said.

Being the independent woman she is - and refusing to lose her love of sports over an ex - Brenna went to the game, and handcrafted a sign to hold up for the cameras, knowing her ex would be watching.

"I made a decision to have some fun with it, this was my little get back to him. It worked. The sign explains what happened, but Clanton seems to have moved on from the heartbreak given the smile on her face".

In the note, she informed her ex that he would be missing out on sitting in unbelievably close seats in section C114 the day after Christmas.

Dumped By Text Message, Here's What This Woman Did