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Microsoft Windows 10's New Redesign Revealed In Leaked Screenshots

08 Enero 2017

VR will play an important role in the new update with the new holographic user interface debuting with numerous major manufacturers including Dell and Lenovo unveiling Windows 10 compatible VR headsets during 2017. The leak of Windows 10 neon design screenshot came from MSPoweruser.

This Build was planned to be released this week to Windows Insiders, but the company has encountered some upgrade issues and it chose to delay its rollout until the problems were solved.

Dona explained in a post on the Feedback Hub that the Windows team discovered a bug that made it hard for the new build to update to the next one, so they chose to hold back the release until this issue was fixed.

Leak of upcoming Windows 10 UI suggest return of Aero Glass and focus on animations

The NEON update is also expected to introduce UI elements designed specifically for Microsoft's HoloLens technology, like eye-tracking that's highlighted by on-screen UI changes.

Microsoft had meant to roll out the update in March but with a number of bugs and glitches still needing to be iron out, an April release is no much more likely, reports the MSPoweruser blog. Thankfully, though, the folks at Inside Windows uploaded a mirror which users can use to try out build 15002 if you're familiar with how to use a.WIM file. It all started from Aero Glass of Windows vista and Windows 7 to Metro of Windows 8 and now Neon.

It is also important to keep in mind that the leaked screenshots are from an early test and concept builds, meaning there could still be many changes and developments made prior to its release. Apart from that, there doesn't seem to be any other notable features in the update. "If everything looks good, we hope to have a new build for you next week", Dona said.

Microsoft Windows 10's New Redesign Revealed In Leaked Screenshots