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Formula One Cockpit Protecting 'Shield' Breaks Cover at Silverstone

15 Julio 2017

But progress with the shield advanced quicker than anticipated, opening the way for a short track test to be scheduled for Friday at Silverstone with Ferrari.

But that is only the personal level of the background to what this year has developed into a fascinating duel between two great teams - the well-heeled, well-paid and stylish Italians from Ferrari, and the more pragmatic and modern Mercedes, champions of the last three years.

The device is aimed to "provide significant protection from debris, while ensuring unrestricted forward vision for the driver' and has evolved from the 'Aeroscreen' concept Red Bull trialled last year".

The shield is a see-through screen that extends along the nose in front of the drivers and has been pushed as more visually appealing compared to the halo. I think it's because of the curvature, you get quite a bit of distortion.

Drivers' championship leader Sebastian Vettel had a quiet session besides his early run using the 'Shield' cockpit protection, which made its public debut in FP1.

The Scuderia have introduced their third engine of the season at Silverstone as they chase their first victory at the power-hungry circuit since 2011. The test was not very conclusive today. "We are up for better safety, but it's not up for us to come up with a solution or say we want this or this". "I haven't seen much yet but it's fun to drive around here!"

Formula One Cockpit Protecting 'Shield' Breaks Cover at Silverstone