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Sinkhole swallows 2 homes, boat in Florida

16 Julio 2017

The residents had already left the home to go to work. Their distribution in Florida is not random. "We tried to do whatever we could", said the Ramirez family. However, within minutes the entire home, which was located at 21835 Ocean Pines Drive in Lake Padgett Estates, was completely destroyed. He said, "It's about 50 feet deep at this is continuing to grow in the direction of this lake and in this direction here".

"This is going to be a couple of weeks, maybe a month-long operation", Guthrie said.

"A third home is possible to be lost", Guthrie said.

Authorities said a sinkhole had previously been fixed at the location. A boat in the backyard of 21825 Ocean Pines fell into the depression.

Sinkholes form when ground water circulates through and dissolves certain types of soft rock, usually limestone, salt, gypsum, anhydrite and dolomite. No injuries were reported. Firefighters arrived in time to rescue two dogs in the home. At least 10 surrounding homes were evacuated.

Sink Hole Update- 1 home is a complete loss.

"We're waiting to see what happens", Thalia said.

The Pasco County Property Appraiser's website has a mapping tool that makes it quick and easy to look up sink hole activity by address.

"It's like flood insurance; if you know you live on or near a sinkhole, then you should get sinkhole insurance".

A Florida home has been swallowed up by the ground where a previous sinkhole had been stabilised.

Residents who need help can reach out to Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Pasco County Human Services at (727) 847-2411.

Sinkhole swallows 2 homes, boat in Florida