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US-backed opposition seeks to oust Venezuela government

16 Julio 2017

U.S. officials, who in the past have called the charges against Holt "questionable", did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the case.

On June 27, Perez and unidentified accomplices flew over Caracas in a police helicopter and dropped four grenades on the Supreme Court before opening fire on the interior ministry.

Thanks to a long standing tradition of solidarity in Latin America, Venezuelan citizens in neighbouring countries can benefit from various forms of temporary residence in those countries.

The opposition-led National Assembly is organising a symbolic vote on embattled President Nicolas Maduro´s bid to hold a July 30 election for a new assembly tasked with drafting a new constitution.

The family of a Utah man held for more than a year in a Venezuela prison remains cautious after a chief prosecutor has requested the conditional release of their son and his wife.

"It's the zero hour", Perez said as several masked youths looked on from behind.

Venezuela is undergoing a major crisis as hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in recent months calling for an end to Maduro's presidency, amid food shortages, a collapsing currency and soaring inflation.

With about 20 million registered voters in Venezuela, organizers of Sunday's referendum are hoping that as many as 10 million will reject the ANC.

The opposition has staged waves of protests against Maduro, including a demonstration on Monday in Caracas during which dozens of protesters and some security force personnel confronting them were injured.

UNHCR is also concerned that indigenous groups living along Venezuela's borders with Brazil and Colombia are being increasingly affected by the situation and have fled their home territories.

Lawmakers approved a bill in December 2013 making Uruguay the first country to have a legal marijuana market covering the entire chain from plant to purchase. "We express our hope that Sunday's consultation will proceed peacefully and in the full respect of the human rights of all". But because it will be stacked with loyalists, that's not going to happen, Avila said.

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro at a military parade commemorating the country's Independence Day in Caracas on July 5.

The Roundtable is also taking advantage of a dispute between the Maduro government and Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz.

Some people think that a "zero hour" could be summoned after the plebiscite, which would mean a national strike but there has yet to be any formal announcement made about this.

Authorities at the time of Holt's arrest suggested he was linked to a U.S. -backed conspiracy to oust Maduro. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is working with the authorities of these countries to step up registration and profiling, reinforce reception capacities and provide basic humanitarian assistance to asylum seekers with specific needs. The Cuban volunteers aren't afraid, but "we have to be aware of the dangers".

US-backed opposition seeks to oust Venezuela government