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New update brings front flash to Google Camera

12 Agosto 2017

There has been a lot of attention given to smartphone cameras these days but while the hardware does have major importance, the software can also help or mar the overall experience. It will magnify an image to 50% immediately. But even when the Google Camera was sideloaded onto other devices, HDR+ remained disabled. It's available to anyone with Nexus and Pixel devices using Android 7.1.1 and above.

The most noteworthy and obvious change is the new selfie "flash".

Google has introduced the flash option in its Camera app enabling users enable the flash while taking their selfie. Now, when you go to take a photo with your front-facing camera, the phone's screen will fill with a bright manilla color to shine some light on your face.

Another addition is a quick zooming capability. So you can still use the old gesture too. Quickly double tap again to zoom out. But note that double tapping will zoom to the same focal distance every time, so the zoom bar is still the way to go if want a very specific level.

The double tap to zoom features is coming to the Google Camera via a new update which should already be rolling out to users of the app. If you have a device which uses the Google Camera then you should be seeing the update live in the Play Store, and if it isn't showing up just yet it should be soon as it seems the update started hitting devices yesterday. So make sure your Android is running on the 4.4 update and start shooting off those selfies.

New update brings front flash to Google Camera