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Becky Morgan: Man admits not helping drowning teenager


Police had been alerted at 5am on May 1 previous year by people concerned for the welfare of a girl seen in the water in the Port of Ramsgate. Morgan's body was found off Broadstairs later. "You did not try in any way to help a drowning girl - not by throwing her a life buoy, not by going to her aid as some would have done, not by calling for help, not by contacting the rescue or emergency services. Lee mas »

Tekken 7 Release Date Confirmed

However, pre-order buyers will have an extra character up their sleeve. Oddly enough, Eliza also appears to have issues with narcolepsy as the character is seemingly able to fall asleep at a moments notice. What isn't clear however is if this is a special move players can control, or a gameplay mechanic that can affect her randomly. Eliza first made her debut in the franchise in " Tekken Revolution " for PS3 but her " Tekken 7 " image has been upgraded. Lee mas »

Stock Jumping Abnormally High: Nokia Corporation (NYSE:NOK)

The company beat the analyst EPS Estimate with the difference of $0.01. While looking at the Stock's Performance, Nokia Corporation now shows a Weekly Performance of 1.28%, where Monthly Performance is -2.66%, Quarterly performance is -4.42%, 6 Months performance is -18.21% and yearly performance percentage is -29.09%. Lee mas »

NES Classic Edition returns to GameStop this week


The NES Classic released on November 11 and it was a hot holiday item, to the point that it's been sold out everywhere - except in tiny bursts - since launch. Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition gaming systems across the country were quickly bought off late previous year, which resulted in a nationwide shortage. Lee mas »

Melania Trump is Jackie Kennedy's doppelganger in matching coat


Traditionally, first lady's duties have included planning state dinners, greeting visiting dignitaries and trying to maintain the dignity of the White House, said Watson. "I am a fulltime mother to our son, Barron , an incredible boy", she said. Bush and Mrs. Obama at Carolina Herrera. "As the president's spouse, one of the most important things that they really have to do is be able to create a family life", McBride told Crawford. Lee mas »

Dutch Prime Minister Tells Immigrants Integrate or Leave


Rutte repeated his message in a separate interview with the AD newspaper, saying that those who do not agree with Dutch values should leave. People who "refuse to adapt, and criticise our values" should "behave normally, or go away", Rutte said in a full-page newspaper message seen as a bid to win over voters drawn to Geert Wilders' anti-immigration, anti-Muslim Freedom (PVV) party. Lee mas »

Michelle Obama's Reaction to Melania Trump's Gift Is Basically Meme GOLD

The foundation will be run by longtime friend Marty Nesbitt and former White House political director David Simas. Only two First Ladies have not to lived in the White House while their husbands served as US President. A few reprimanded commenters for reading too much into Michelle Obama's body language. Leftists are so used to expecting free things they can't even appreciate a thoughtful gift. Lee mas »

Will It Work — Microsoft Surface Phone

This is possible with the screen's feature that allows it to be placed on the exterior of the device. The gadget is required to be basically a merger of two distinct parts.Taking a gander at the diagrams in the patent reports, the gadget will be with touchscreen show on the front and the back while the middle/bending side could be utilized as a music controller or notification bar. Lee mas »

Barron Trump snubs mum Melanie during inauguration parade


Still others are marching to affirm the importance of women's health and reproductive rights, for the same control of our bodies and our lives that men have. President-elect Donald Trump and his wife Melania walk out at the Lincoln Memorial during a Make America Great Again thank you concert in Washington, DC on Thursday, Jan. Lee mas »

Bought Milk? You Could Be Due a Refund


Got milk? You may be eligible to get your money back. After making phone calls and doing some digging, we found out that it indeed is legitimate. The lawsuit accuses dairy farmers of premature slaughtering of their dairy cows to reduce the size of their herds and raise the price of milk, something the dairy farmers deny. Lee mas »

US B-52 bombers strike two ISIS camps in Libya


One official called the airstrikes "a huge success", with more than 80 ISIS fighters killed. At the time, Pentagon officials said they would further support counter-Daesh efforts if asked by Libya's provisional government. The B-2s were to have remained over Libya for as long as five hours, or until they were sure the camps were destroyed. From last August through last December, American manned and unmanned military aircraft conducted 495 airstrikes against the 1,000 ISIS fighters believed ... Lee mas »

Microsoft Surface phone might be a foldable tablet


Microsoft's granted patent was originally filed in late 2014 and granted by USPTO earlier this month. This way, users can have the option of a folded, phone-sized device that can be unfolded to reveal a much larger screen. Now a patent has leaked showing exactly that design. The handset may just feature a bendable design that would allow the phone to transform into a tablet. Lee mas »

Honda adds more than 750000 vehicles to ongoing air bag recall

Honda Motor Company is expanding its recall here in the U.S. On Tuesday, the automaker announced it's recalling over 770,000 additional Honda and Acura vehicles. Numerous vehicles involved in the Ford and Honda recalls this week were included in previous recalls for slightly different reasons, such as the location of the air bags. Lee mas »

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch Details Announced


Pacific time. The rocket is expected to deliver 10 Iridium satellites into low-Earth orbit. After the recent Falcon 9 explosion, United Launch Alliance , a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Boeing , was quick to assert that it was the more reliable option for launching military satellites , contracts that the company competes with SpaceX for. Lee mas »

Obamacare Repeal: What Happens to People With Pre-Existing Conditions?


Also, birth control, which is typically available for free under the ACA, was often quite expensive and unaffordable for many women in the pre-Obamacare United States. The U.S. Senate narrowly passed a budget resolution early on Thursday morning that lays the groundwork to repeal large parts of the Affordable Care Act , President Barack Obama's domestic-policy cornerstone. Lee mas »

All You Need To Know About Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Everyone is waiting for the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017, which expected to be released this year. Microsoft offered all sorts of deals in the United Kingdom over the festive season, but now that the holidays are well and truly over, many of its devices have returned to their full prices again, including the Surface Book. Lee mas »

Georgia gun store owner shoots back at robbers


The incident happened on Monday night at the Dixie Gun and Pawn shop, in Cobb County, Georgia, US, where bullet holes are still visible in the windows. Because of Groover's valiant actions, he didn't just save himself and his employee, but two customers who could have easily been caught in the line-of-fire. Lee mas »

Here is the New Certified World Record Whitetail Buck


After an initial score in November indicated the 47-point buck might be a world record for a non-typical deer rack, Boone and Crockett officials scored it as 312 3/8 Monday. This is the second time the rack was measured. "It did shrink a little bit here and there, but the thing that was wonderful to me was that we as a group put our minds together and scored, and it and my deductions from the typical frame and the deductions from the typical frame today were exactly the same at 4 7/8 as they ... Lee mas »

The Man in the High Castle Season 3 Confirmed


Based on the Philip K. Dick novel of the same name, " Man in the High Castle " follows an alternative history, where the Axis powers won World War II, and the United States has been split in half between Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Amazon Studios's head of comedy and drama Joe Lewis expressed high hopes for the series with the addition of Overmyer. We will be sure to let you know when Amazon announces a decision on those shows! "We're showing more of the world and slowly putting in ... Lee mas »

GTA Online New Year's Update


In other news, sadly, Grand Theft Auto 5 will no longer have snow falling after tonight. This is the first update that Rockstar Games released for this year and there are more exciting features to come. New updates and some prediction will surely fire up enthusiasts as they await what in store for them for the next level of the game. Moreover, the special power-up, Ghost , enables "GTA 5 Online" gamers to become translucent. Lee mas »

Samsung Smart View App


There are also tabs for local content or those that you've saved in the TV already as well as those from TV Plus, the new Fandango-powered streaming channels from Samsung. The company has also updated the design of the app with a new interface. The screenshots from the "prematurely published" app shows that there are now tabs from some of the leading streaming content providers which includes YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. Lee mas »

New year means new Nevada laws on marijuana, mopeds

The new year is bringing some new laws for Nevadans. Voters in November passed a measure legalizing the possession of up to an ounce of pot and allowing people in the state to legally smoke it. Jimmy Stracner, spokesman for the opposing PAC Protecting Nevada's Children, said he hopes the enacts legislation with the children in mind. State troopers are warning Nevada drivers that driving while high will remain against the law in 2017 despite the legalization of recreational marijuana. Lee mas »