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Procter & Gamble Stock Rating Cut at Stifel


The adoption of the new standards had a favorable impact of $0.04 per share on PG's fiscal 1Q17 adjusted EPS. Lenox Wealth Advisors Inc. now owns 1,840 shares of the company's stock worth $156,000 after buying an additional 10 shares during the period. Lee mas »

Drone video captures killer whales eating a shark alive


Photographer Slater Moore shot the video as part of a whale-watching trip in Monterey Bay. These whales are one of the most studied groups of whales. Marine biologists underline that offshore and transient killer whales don't interbreed and don't hunt the same prey, although they are closely related. Lee mas »

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL: Will The Surface Be The Replacement We Need


It is also believed that the tech giant could also talk about the Windows 10 Creators Update, which introduces improvements for mobile devices. Interestingly, Microsoft has launched a web page where important MWC visitors and partners can arrange a meeting with the company during the upcoming mobile industry gathering, which is slated to take place in Barcelona from February 27 to March 2, 2017. Lee mas »

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 72 Preview, Spoilers: Hit Going To Assassinate Goku?

The preview of " Dragon Ball Super " episode 72 also showed Beerus appearing on the scene. The episode ends with Goku being technically dead, as his heart wasn't beating anymore. In a brief scene in Dragon Ball Super Episode 71, Beerus was asserting that Goku must have some serious training, to which Whis only smiled. DBS fans, on the other hand, hazard a guess that someone more powerful than Vados wants to put Goku to death. Lee mas »

Miss Universe 2017 Tickets And Tour Packages In the Works

Shugart also assured the public that there would not be a repeat of the blunder committed by American TV host and comedian Steve Harvey in the previous edition, where he announced the wrong victor. This was the promise of government agencies involved in the country's hosting of the Miss Universe in January, aside from the usual assurances of tight security, as pageant candidates began arriving in Manila on Friday. Lee mas »

Justices uphold Katrina fraud verdict against State Farm


The Rigsbys won their case in 2013, focused on one home in North Biloxi, Mississippi. False Claims Act lawsuits are required to be filed under seal and remain private for 60 days. The Obama administration had backed the sisters in the case. Two sisters, Cori and Kerry Rigsby, filed a fraud lawsuit on behalf of the government after they said they witnessed State Farm shifting MS claims to federal flood insurance. Lee mas »

Westworld: Episode 10, discover the hidden scene of the season finale!

Definitely not coming back until 2018. Now that the dust has finally started to settle after Westworld's explosive finale, we can start to look to the future of the series. Jeffrey Wright , in an interview, said the show's first season was a prequel to the real story. In one timeline (30 years ago), a young William is smitten by the most lovely host of the adult theme park Dolores and in the other , the old William - the Man in Black, who is notoriously known for his ruthless killings ... Lee mas »

GTA 5 Online's Next Update Announced, Involves Stealing Cars


Called " Import/Export ", the expansion is themed around "high-volume exotic vehicle theft". Well, only in GTA 5 Online, and in order to earn money, you will firstly have to steal and modify "Special Vehicles", then sell them for exorbitant prices. Lee mas »

Final Fantasy XV: Story and Ending Explained

Hajime Tabata, the game's director, confirmed in an interview that he and his team were thinking about a PC version of the game. After years of waiting, a name change, and a jump to the current generation, fans are finally able to experience the journey that was ten years in the making. Lee mas »

Trump will pursue 'regional hegemony' in South China Sea: Chinese academics

By 2015, the USA had 368,000 military personnel in the Asia-Pacific region, among whom about 97,000 are stationed to the west of the International Date Line. And yet, all these scenarios result from the uncertainty of a Trump government. It will certainly be much more hard in future for the USA to persuade other countries to adopt positions that may be unpopular domestically when they have no guarantee that Washington will not do a 180-degree turn when a new administration takes office. Lee mas »

Cassini Begins Saturn Ring Dives, Kicks Off Mission Finale


These are considered daring dives according to NASA scientists. The craft, which has discovered several moons around Saturn, will reach the outer boundary of the main ring system - the F ring. The goal of its last part of the mission is to analyze the composition of the rings, providing revolutionary captures of the moons which orbit around these gas rings. Lee mas »

Convincing electoral college to cast votes for Clinton

The facts: Well , it is constitutionally possible for the Electoral College to elect Clinton. In 2000, the then Vice-President Al Gore earned about 500,000 more votes over Republican nominee George W. A petition urging these officials to do just that now has almost 5 million signatures. US presidential elections are essentially individual elections in each of the 50 states and the national capital city, Washington, with the victor in each state getting all of its votes in the ... Lee mas »

Comparison of PS4 Pro and XBox Scorpio


This speculation has sprouted to rumors that Xbox Scorpio will be launched with an intriguing price point on its release day. Microsoft hasn't revealed the price of Xbox Scorpio, but iTech Post reported the price would be in the same bracket as the other leading gaming consoles. Lee mas »

Australia to send refugees to an America run by Donald Trump

The justice minister David Adeang said while the Nauru government had consistently sought to correct false reports about conditions and safety of the refugees, it had also always stated the need to find suitable third countries for permanent resettlement. Lee mas »

Best Xbox One Bundles Black Friday 2016 Deals: Walmart, Gamestop, Target, Costco


Prices have already been dropping, so you can now get a PS4 on Amazon for £224.99 or John Lewis for £259.95. You should be able to use this discount code upon checkout to get 10% off of your total order from the PlayStation Store . However, this PS4 deal is only valid on GameStop Black Friday 2016 sales event. You can get the Xbox One 1 TB bundled with games like Blind Forest, Ori, Gears of War and Rare Replay . Lee mas »

Cientos de ovnis emergen de la Luna


Gary McKinnon quien es mejor conocido por hackear la NASA para investigar información oculta sobre ovnis mencionó no estar convencido de los vídeos. "Esto se ha venido observando con mucha frecuencia", alegó. Lee mas »

'Lucifer' Season 2 Episode 10 Preview


Lucifer's landlord has been murdered and the new owner of the building wants to evict Lucifer and demolish the whole construct. Another suspect came up by the name of Eleanor Bloom, another real estate tycoon who bought Dean Cooper's properties. Lee mas »

Pokemon GO Guide: How To Catch Ditto


You can check out the video below to see its transformation . In case you're wondering - Ditto is a Pokemon that can transform itself to any other Pokemon at will. It is not yet clear if Niantic is rolling out the Ditto Pokemon as part of the new update featuring the "Nearby Pokemon " function or as a separate feature through another update . Lee mas »

Mysterious object spotted in front of Sun after Nasa satellites take picture


Pamela Johnson shared the mysterious pics from the space agency's website via Facebook on November 15, claiming the Sun was even reacting to its presence. About image artifacts - (@ufoofinterest) November 20, 2016 When Johnson uploaded the image to Facebook, she explained that several frames of the feed covering about two days, from November 15 to November 16, were missing in NASA's archives. Lee mas »

Target jump start Black Friday with $35 Battlefield 1 or Titanfall 2

To make it easier for Apple fans to find what they want, here is a list of the best deals for the usually expensive iPhones that have been leaked or announced so far. Look for apps that work well for you. And both will be offering a steady trickle of discounts over the next two weeks to encourage customers to get in the holiday spirit. Lee mas »

Galaxy S7 Edge vs Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: 5 Key Differences

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a good phone, an excellent one at that. Was the fiery decline of the Galaxy Note 7 enough to send you a new manufacturer? But Samsung has not managed to come out of the Note 7 fiasco smelling of roses, as it is now coming to terms with it's worst ever company performance. Lee mas »

Pokemon GO to Receive a Massive Update in December


The event will take place in three important areas in Japan: Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, and Fukushima Prefecture, where the spawn rates of the Pokemon Lapras have been increased substantially. Also, note the misspelling of "Pokemon" in the email, although that doesn't necessarily mean that the memo is a fake. Regardless, this isn't anything concrete and pretty vague, and no other information was given to us. Lee mas »

Samsung to Recall 2.8 Million Washing Machines Due to 'Explosion' Fears

Now, the company is facing another major recall. That led the company to halt production of the Note 7, in an embarrassing retreat. In another black eye for one of the world's leading consumer brands, USA authorities announced a recall Friday of almost 3 million Samsung washing machines following several reports of injuries — including a broken jaw — due to "excessive vibration". Lee mas »